Index of Standard Animated Surfaces

The following is a list of 3-D surfaces, some of which are of mathematical interest. They were created partly to show the beauty that usually attracts mathematicians, and partly to emphasize the affinity of the biological world with the world of mathematics, at least with some of the examples.

Each surface is available from the table below as an animated GIF (click on the image; notice the GIF sizes -- it may take a while to load the full image if you are using a slow modem connection). Visit also our index of non-standard animated surfaces!

Description Image summary
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GIF Size
Helicoid to Catenoid 1900 KB
(~2 MB)
Horn to Snail 450 KB
Horn Twisting 800 KB

Visit also the index of
non-standard animated surfaces



Credits: Mathematica v. was used for creating the graphs.

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