Taxonomy Explorer: the Classification of Species

A tool for navigating among the branches of the largest tree the world has ever known

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Purpose: This project has been created by the author of the present page, and aims at providing a tool for navigation in the tree of Taxonomy (classification of species in biology). The same taxonomic tree has been employed in the Foundalis Zoo, our own virtual collection of species (pictures & information).

Status: No claim is made regarding the correctness of the taxonomic scheme employed here. Information has been compiled through various sources on the web. These sources are always trustworthy (pages made by professional taxonomists & organizations).
Completeness: Those branches of the tree that are complete (i.e., including all subtaxa down to the level of species) are indicated with a green check-mark sign on the right of the folder icon. Branches that include all their next-level subtaxa (but not all species) are indicated with a gray check-mark sign.

Interface: Anyone familiar with Windows Explorer (or similar interfaces) should also be familiar with the function of folders, shown as closed or open , and the square to their left, shown with a cross (meaning: there are hidden subfolders; click on the square or folder to open it) or with a minus sign (the contents are already shown; click on the square or folder to close it).
How to Search: See notes below.

More notes on the Interface:

Letting the mouse hover over the taxon name causes the latter to be highlighted (indicated in red color). Click on the highlighted node to get a pop up menu, directing you to further action on the taxon. Below, actions from items on this pop up menu are described.

How to Search: From the pop up menu of a taxon name (which you get as just described) click on the first item ("Find word in subtree under <taxon name>"). A dialog box appears, in which you enter the term you want to find. The term will be searched for in the entire subtree under the selected taxon, and will be found whether the folders appear open or closed. Search is insensitive to the case of letters. You will be moved to the located taxon, if found, which will be highlighted. Click anywhere to get rid of the highlighting. Warning: starting the search of the tree from higher taxa, such as Domains, Kingdoms, Divisions, and Phyla, might cause a lengthy search, because the applet might need to load several sub-branches of the tree that are not loaded when you open up this page; beware of slow modem connections.
After the search has been performed once, button Find next will become active (like this: Find next). Click on it to search further in the selected subtree.

Appearance: Explanation of icons:

All next-level taxa are known and included in the Taxonomy Explorer's tree
All species under this taxon are known and included in the Taxonomy Explorer's tree
Clickable URL of web-page from which the branch of this taxon was constructed
Clickable web-page in "Foundalis Zoo" that includes photo(s) and info for this species

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