Click on any area of our zoo to enter it and see its sub-divisions. Of course, not all areas of our zoo are inhabited. But when you reach down to an individual species you will usually see a picture, and if it is a big animal, its voice may be included.

If you are impatient reaching through our zoo’s compartments all the way down to individual species (which is often several levels down), you can check the zoo directory by clicking on the Welcome announcement, at the top of this page.

We tried to follow the taxonomy as we see it in various sources in the web, but as taxonomists we are total amateurs, so please forgive our errors and tell us about them so they are corrected.

All pictures are home-made, served hot straight from our camera, and shot either in various zoos, or at home (insects and plants). Our pictures are copyrighted: any use for commercial purposes is prohibited. Feel free to use our pictures for educational or other non-commercial purposes.

Many of the names of taxa appear in Greek because the directors of the zoo are learning this language. However, we are not absolutely sure of some of the more esoteric ones. Greek readers who spot such errors, please email to us and let us know about them. (You can write in Greek too, the curator is a native speaker.)

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