Until When Shall We Be Making the Same Error?

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Poor little Martin Richard... Islam stopped his life at his eighth year of age, during the Boston Marathon terrorist attacks.

How many more innocent dead 8-year-old children must we shed tears for before it dawns on us that we keep repeating the same error, again and again, like complete morons?

Here, I’ll put the error in a colored frame, hoping — futilely, I know — to engrave it into even the last idiot’s brain:

We need to differentiate between Muslims, the human beings on one hand, and Islam, the fascist ideology, on the other.
The former are mere victims of the latter, which is the true scourge of humanity that needs to be eradicated.
The problem of Islam cannot be solved by physically attacking Muslims, who have the rights of all human beings.
The problem can be solved only by attacking Islam itself,
exposing the fascism and immorality of that ideology
in the minds and hearts of its own believers.

Even Presidents of the United States make this error: they conflate Muslims with Islam, the people with the ideology; so they advocate compassion and equality for all, not realizing that those are principles that apply to people, and of course should be upheld and keep being valid for all people; but the serpent that bites us, again and again, is not the people but the mental virus that contaminates the minds of some of the Islamic ideology carriers, such as the mind of the angel-faced monster, pictured below.

Are Muslims Responsible for Terrorism?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a
19-year-old bomber of the
2013 Boston Marathon,
killer of little Martin Richard (among others).

Those among them who commit terrorist acts, such as the one shown on the left, of course they are — that’s just common sense. But the vast majority of Muslims are victims of their own ideology. Why do I say that they are victims? First, because they suffer the consequences of the cult to which they belong: rampant illiteracy, huge inequalities between men and women and between rich and poor, exclusion from participation in the advancement of science and technology, and many more. And second, because the great majority of them do not choose to become Muslims on their own free will; they are simply born into the cult of Islam, and once there, they have no way of getting out. Why? For two main reasons: because the cult (like all cults) explicitly prevents its members from disassociating themselves from it, punishing that as an act of “apostasy” (the form of punishment depends on the Muslim locality, but it ranges from social isolation to death); and mainly because, due to the widespread illiteracy and misinformation, the Muslim believer has no way of comparing his or her beliefs objectively to other belief systems, and thus realize how backward, primitive, and morally lacking the Islamic belief system is.

But How Does One Attack an Ideology Without Attacking its Adherents?

In the case of Islam, this is really easy. And it can be described by a couple of words, which I’ll put in a frame again, for emphasis:

Qur’an and Muhammad

They are both rotten — down to the marrow. Naturally, because the Qur’an is the product of Muhammad’s hallucinating mind, and Muhammad’s morality is abominable by today’s standards; so he could only create a book as morally abominable as his own intellect. But let me explain the idea of how Islam can be demolished, destined to oblivion once its — objectively! — rotten pillar is kicked and cracks, bringing down the entire edifice:

The rotten pillar of Islam is the idea that the author of the Qur’an is Allah himself.

If it could be shown to Muslims that Allah is not the author of the Qur’an, then the smartest among them could not avoid connecting the dots and conclude that, since everything said to them in the Qur’an does not come from Allah’s mind, it follows that their religion is the product of the mind of one person: Muhammad. They should conclude — those among them who are rational and objective enough — that they haven’t heard anything directly from Allah in their lives. All they have heard regarding their religious beliefs comes from the minds of humans: from Muhammad, who was the original creator of their belief system, and from those who followed him and believed him. Allah disappears, vanishes into thin air, once Muslims get it that the Qur’an is the product of a human being’s mind.

And what can replace Allah in the mind of a person who wants to remain religious? Although personally I am an atheist, I realize that most people come into this world with their brains hardwired so as to discover God and religion — this is a consequence of our recent evolutionary past, and I discuss it elsewhere. Thus, the last thing I can advocate to poor people who lose their faith in their particular religion is atheism. My opinion is that the God of the Christians, together with the morality of Christ as described in the gospels of the New Testament, is an excellent religious system that can replace the lack of belief in Islamic values. Christianity has problems of its own, but those problems stem mainly from the institutionalized practice of it, i.e., the Church. If one concentrates on the core of that religion, which is the morality of Jesus in the gospels of the New Testament, I admit that, frankly, atheists like me have a hard time in suggesting ways of improving it.

I would like to close my brief reaction to the Boston Marathon bombings by summarizing my suggestions for the solution of something that most rational people in the world admit is a problem:

Western intellectuals, stop being lazy, and read the Qur’an! (At least, read as much of it as you can before you start yawning and fall asleep.) Understand and see the Qur’an for what it is: a collection of repetitious threats and warnings, arbitrary rules, and unrelated stories, without beginning or end, the product of an obviously hallucinating religious mind. Expose the fact that the Qur’an displays no knowledge other than the one that was available to a tribal leader in the Middle East, an illiterate man who had only a hearsay knowledge of the beliefs of nearby religions (such as Christianity and Judaism) and of more ancient civilizations (such as ancient Greek, Hebrew, Assyrian, and Egyptian). Here is my attempt on this idea, but consider it only a stab and try to expand on it; better yet, start from scratch, unbiased by what you read in my pages. But do something. Otherwise, consider yourselves the unwitting accomplices to the deaths of innocent future victims of Islamic terrorism.

Often you will hear the opinion — very widespread among Muslims — that the Qur’an must be read in Arabic, because its language is a work of art, and that it cannot be replicated, only Allah being able to create such a literary masterpiece. Please explain to Muslims that a book that sounds beautiful only in its original language but is empty of true, and especially moral content, is like one of those books that one can find by the dozens in Western bookstores, which have practically no content but grab the viewer’s attention by their glittery front cover, with the holograms and 3D letters. Tell them that if Allah wanted to impress anyone else other than the Arabs, he should have created a masterpiece in content, not only in the Arabic language. (Let alone that the idea that the Qur’an is a masterpiece of literature belongs only to the self-blindfolded pious Arab Muslims; the few Arabs who are not Muslims and can read the Qur’an do not share this assessment of the Islamic holy book — this is what I gather from personal communication with people who, for obvious reasons, wish to remain anonymous.)

Once you read the Qur’an, and having the knowledge of the New Testament, you will realize why Islam is the odd-man-out among the world’s religions:

Islam affords terrorism

It does so by the Qur’anic lack of compassion for “thy neighbor”, a neighbor who, in Christ’s words, is every human being; but in Muhammad’s mind is only the fellow Muslim. Even so, compassion in Islam is only touched abstractly, as the duty to give alms to the poor. In contrast, in the N.T., compassion is shown with specific examples, such as the Good Samaritan, or Christ saving the sinful woman from death by stoning; and in general, compassion permeates the holy book of Christianity. What permeates the book of Islam is the threat of burning in hell if thou-not-do-as-I-say and, if thou-obey, the promise of living eternally among the “houris” of paradise. (Regarding which, Islamic scholars want to convince us that they represent not virgins but “modestly gazing eyes”, but Islamic terrorists know very well what houris stand for and how much they want to have them.) Put two and two together, and you’ll see why young terrorists are so willing to kill and to die. But do read the Qur’an. And don’t mince your words.

Western people, try to make a distinction between physically attacking Muslims, and intellectually attacking the fascism of Islam. Next time a Muslim brandishes the scarecrow of “Islamophobia” in front of your face, tell them that, yes, you are a proud Islamophobe (read my article), because you are disgusted with Islam, the ideology. You are not a “Muslimophobe”. You do not discriminate against Muslims. (On the contrary, they often discriminate against you non-Muslims, having even a word for “non-Muslim”, whereas in the West there is no word like “non-Christian”.) But you do discriminate against the ideology of Islam, just as you discriminate against fascism, communism, or whatever other totalitarian ideology or -ism you happen to oppose to. One has the right to oppose ideologies. Rub that in their face next time they contemptuously call you an “Islamophobe”.

Stop being oh-so-sensitive, thinking that you might hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims if you show the disdain that their Qur’an is worthy of. (But show your disdain intellectually, by your words, spoken and/or written; not by stupid acts such as burning copies of the Qur’an, which have no symbolic value other than exemplifying the stupidity of the perpetrator.) For example, it has indirectly come to my attention that some Muslims were “reduced to tears” after reading my articles about Islam, Muhammad, and the Qur’an. It is preferable that some people’s feelings be hurt, rather than have innocent children blown to smithereens, and others losing their arms, legs, or eyes in the name of the most surreptitiously fascist ideology the world has ever known. Tears or bodily mayhem? I choose the former.

With my thoughts to the victims and condolences to the survivors of the Boston Marathon’s terrorist attacks,
-Harry Foundalis.


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