Contributors to ongoing Research on Bongard Problems

If you arrived here directly from the internet outer space, this page hangs from here.

The following people have sent to the author of this page their answers, timing information, and comments on various Bongard problems:

Linda Snow Timothy Reed Bryan Bergert Darius Bacon Annemieke van de Visse
Robert Wasierski Priscila Farias Gordon Rios Laurent Mazuré Joel den Boer
Philip Meier Ryan Ziegler Blake Hodgetts David Ashley Frank Hofmann
Wim Van Laer Michael Roberts Christophe Pernaud Ryan R Newton Joseph Insana
Peter Shanahan Glenn Faubert David Sunderland Alison Frane Kevin Jackson-Mead
Matt Ryan Kerin Schiesser Claudia Mastroianni Erich Cranor Barbara Bartlett
Jennifer Kirchenbauer Stephen Bond Eric Reuss Raven Black Bill Shlaer
Karl J. von Laudermann Peter Li'ir Key Linda Forman Alex Fink Ira Fay
Seo Sanghyeon Facundo Aguero Frédéric Faucheux Shane Sniffen Andreas Gunnarsson
Naz Zamoyski Miki Litmanovitz Joshua Neal Daniel Klein Lars Roe
Markus Schnell Rob Moser Alain Riccobene Jorge Llambias Damien R. Sullivan
Matthew Hales Mike Enns Robert BL Matthew Cook  

I am very grateful to all of you for your extremely valuable contributions. Hopefully, the list will continue growing.

(If I forgot anybody, please remind me! Ditto if you want to have your name linked to your home page.)

Please remember to drop me a line in case you ever change the URL of your home page.

Last update: 09/04/03

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