When reading a question, all other times of the game are stopped, save for the clock that counts down the time of the question. If even the question doesn’t have a cound-down clock, time freezes.

Time also freezes after answering a question (correctly or wrongly), until [SPACE] is hit.
The points earned per question decrease slightly as the game advances to higher levels.
The time allotted to answer a question depends on how long it would take to read it (at normal pace).

If no question is answered correctly within a certain time (2 minutes for level 1, decreasing at higher levels), then a count-down timer appears (2 minutes for level 1, decreasing at higher levels). If the board is not cleared before this timer is zeroed, the game is over. But whenever a question is answered correctly, this process starts all over.

If using the arrows on the keyboard is a problem, there are the following alternative keys:
  • key [A]: Up ↑
  • key [Z]: Down ↓
  • key [K]: Left ←
  • key [L]: Right →

    In addition, [ENTER] is identical to [SPACE], and [ESC] is identical to [P]

If the applet rectangle doesn’t fit in your screen, go to your browser’s menu and click on View→Full Screen (F11).

A G G R E S S I V E    M O D E

Bullets cost, and their prices depend on the level. A bullet at the 1st level costs 400 points, and increases thereafter.

A bullet can’t be fired without enough points, except for the very first bullet.
The Quizman can pass through the skeleton of a dead Talibanisk without being harmed.

Dead Talibanisks (whether by bullet or by suicide bombing) stay together with “Mr. 72 Virgins” for a while before coming back. The time they enjoy his company is 2 minutes at level 1, but it decreases slightly at higher levels.


D I P L O M A T I C    M O D E

A Talibanisk steals from Quizman one of the three most expensive gems (emerald, ruby, diamond), and the total points stolen are the price of the gem times the level. For example, a stolen ruby at level 2 costs 700 X 2 = 1400 points.

After an act of stealing, the Talibanisk-robber is positioned at a location that is at least five steps away from the crime scene.

Each level has a progressively shorter time limit to be cleared. If the time limit of the current level expires, you lose not just a life but the entire game (“Game Over”).