Harry’s Index of Topics in Languages and Linguistics

The following is a list of topics in languages and linguistics that the author has had fun exploring.


The Greek Language (Modern and Ancient) A tour of features of the Modern and Ancient Greek language. Topics covered include the alphabet, pronunciation, grammar, common expressions, a short "lesson", and vocabulary. You can listen to the author's voice (a native speaker of Modern Greek) in several of these pages.
Assignment of ASCII characters to IPA symbols Often it is necessary to represent IPA symbols (International Phonetic Alphabet) through ASCII characters (the ones produced by your keyboard). This page proposes such an assignment, or correspondence. Its purpose is to be able to refer to and use IPA symbols in environments where IPA characters (fonts) are not available.
The Classic Reader
Ο Κλασικός Αναγνώστης
Read Homer (The Odyssey), or Herodotus (Histories), with the original and a translation side by side.
Διαβάστε Όμηρο (Οδύσσεια), ή Ηρόδοτο (Ιστορίαι), με τη μετάφραση δίπλα στο πρωτότυπο.

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